Sam Beavis


Hi I’m Sam, the funny one, I love all things music and film, in fact I hold a record (amongst the team) for watching 404 films in one year.

If you want to talk about a movie, the chances are I’ve seen it and if I haven’t I can probably at least tell you what it’s about, so as the team’s unofficial cinephile, I’ll be giving my thoughts on what to watch and what to avoid at the cinema and on streaming.

When it comes to music I am equally as obsessive, whether it’s curating playlists, selecting an artist’s whole catalogue to deep dive into (as well as the ocean) or analysing Rolling Stone magazine’s latest greatest albums of all time list to see what all the fuss is about. I even enjoy picking two great albums to go head to head in an intense and detailed points system based battle to prove, only to myself, which is the greater masterpiece, true story.

When I’m not spending all my time consuming the arts I love, I’ll be trying my hand at creating them myself. I’m a self taught producer and have been making instrumental Hip Hop and Electronic music for over 15 years. Being a big fan of comic books, another way I express my creativity is through a variety of different illustrations, or as I call them, doodles.

Over the last few years I have delved into the script writing world. Having written and created a Sit-Com with co Atlantic Surfer, Jack.

In short I love art. The experience and the participation of Art, Film, TV, Writing and most of all Music. So come along for the ride as we soak it all in and have a blast at Atlantic Surf Radio. Putting the cool in Cornwall… no. The breeziest corn on the block? That’s not it…
Putting another cool breeze block in the Corn Wall. Nailed it.

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