Very easily, just click the play arrow in the player at the bottom of the website. Our website/station can also be found via various online directories including:


Open a second tab on your phone browser and play the station. You can then switch between browser tabs and other apps on your phone and the station will continue to play in the background.

Not at this time, it’s something we’ll consider in the future, however our website looks and sounds amazing on any mobile so it’s not really needed. Also you can listen on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assist Smart speakers plus various other steaming platforms online.

This isn’t possible currently, the crazy costs make it impossible for a small radio station. However there are still options and no reason why you can’t listen whilst on the move. Here are a few in car solutions:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity – Phones with an active Bluetooth signal can be integrated with the car’s control and audio system if the car supports this wireless technology. Make sure the phone is pairing with other devices in the settings menu.
  • Audio Cables – Whether you have an Android or iOS device, you can play internet radio through a phone that is plugged into the vehicle directly. A USB lead or official Apple connector fits into adaptable ports within the dashboard, glove box or near the gearstick, wherever the right connection point is within your car.
  • Cassette Adapters – Older cars may not have any aux inputs. Radios designed solely for cassettes will require a special adapter in the shape of a tape. You can buy these in most accessory stores; they connect to a phone cable and transfer audio data through the tape heads.
  • Amazon AlexaIf you already own an Alexa, Amazon’s voice command software, the Echo Dot device is a great option for hands-free listening. The Echo Dot can be mounted to your dashboard and plays, pauses and adjusts the volume of your audio per your voice commands, and for your convenience, it pairs with your car’s Bluetooth for simple connectivity and listening. Atlantic Surf Radio is now live on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 
  • Another option is the Android Auto app or Apple Car Play, which both mimic a phone’s user-interface by transferring it to your dashboard screen. Once your phone is connected, you may safely navigate the larger dashboard interface instead of struggling with your phone display while driving, enabling you to concentrate on the road while listening to your favourite audio.

This from Wikipedia…

Surf music (sometimes interchangeably referred to as surf rock or surf pop) is a genre of rock music associated with surf culture, particularly as found in Southern California. It was especially popular from 1962 to 1964 in two major forms. The first is instrumental surf, distinguished by reverb-heavy electric guitars played to evoke the sound of crashing waves, largely pioneered by Dick Dale and the Del-Tones. The second is vocal surf, which took elements of the original surf sound and added vocal harmonies, a movement led by the Beach Boys.

Dick Dale developed the surf sound from instrumental rock, where he added Middle Eastern and Mexican influences, a spring reverb, and rapid alternate picking characteristics. His regional hit “Let’s Go Trippin'”, in 1961, launched the surf music craze, inspiring many others to take up the approach.

The genre reached national exposure when it was represented by vocal groups such as the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean. Dale is quoted on such groups: “They were surfing sounds [with] surfing lyrics. In other words, the music wasn’t surfing music. The words made them surfing songs. … That was the difference … the real surfing music is instrumental.”

At the height of its popularity, surf music rivalled girl groups and Motown for the top American popular music trend. It is sometimes referred to interchangeably with the “California sound”. During the later stages of the surf music craze, many of its groups started to write songs about cars and girls; this was later known as “hot rod rock”.

Absolutely, please contact us via the contact page or email studio@atlanticsurfradio.com

Most definitely. If you enjoy listening to the station and want to help us out financially then click the ‘Donate’ link in the menu. Every pound will go towards the numerous costs that it takes to keep the station on air.

You bet! All the music played on the station is played with permission and official licensing. 

This is something we are actively working on right now. Very soon you will be able to purchase a full range of station apparel directly from this website.

We are always open to suggestions for new content and ideas that you think will work well on the station. Please contact us via the contact form or direct at studio@atlanticsurfradio.com

We are all about quality entertainment and minimal interruption on this station, consequently you won’t hear any announcers talking nonsense between records, just station IDs or the occasional coming up trailer. Having said that we do have some programmes currently in development with quality entertaining presenters coming soon.

Atlantic Surf Radio is all about being positive and having a ‘feel good’ vibe, consequently we avoid the negativity of any news bulletins. Local community ‘good news’ stories may be a feature that is developed in time.

Many of the links and ‘sweepers’ are voiced by Rob Charles who is the voice of Fantasy FM on Peter Kay’s classic TV comedy ‘Car Share’. 

That would be great. We would love to play original music from bands in the south west, just make contact and we will make it happen.

Our t-shirts and many other merchandise items are printed ‘on demand’ by Amazon UK. When browsing the shop just click the item that you are interested in and you will be taken directly to Amazon. Simply select the size, sex and colour and add to your basket exactly as you would any other product. 

It’s very unlikely you will need to return a product, however if you do simply return it to Amazon the same way you would for any product purchased on Amazon using their returns process/policy.

Yes, Atlantic Surf Radio is available on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Smart Speakers.

Sure, as the station grows then that is a real possibility. Please make contact and send a sound file with you in action!

The music has been removed from Sam & Jack’s past shows for licencing reasons. Listen live to hear the full shows.