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Hi I’m Neil and founder of Atlantic Surf Radio. I have a question, is there anything cooler than a beach lifestyle? The correct answer is no, there’s nothing that even comes close. I think all the stars aligned when they brought the people, the fashion and the music  together to create the best vibe there is. If your spiritual home is the coast I’m sure you will understand.

My original vision with this radio station was to create the best and coolest internet radio station around, a station that I wanted to listen to. Some of you may remember having your transistor radio under the pillow listening late into the night to radio Luxembourg back in the day, or the exciting sounds of offshore pirate stations such as radio Caroline and radio London. Atlantic Surf Radio is a ‘tip of the hat’ to those halcyon days when life seemed much simpler.

Alongside that, the north coast of Cornwall is the epicentre of the UK surfing scene and needs a cool radio station to complement it so welcome to Atlantic Surf Radio. 

This radio station is the culmination of a lifetime in creative industries including many years in photography, graphic design and music production. I attended the University of Life for many years carefully honing my artistic and creative skills before graduating in the mid 1980s.

My journey since then has involved an unsuccessful but rewarding attempt at pop stardom, a number one bestseller on Amazon and creating hundreds of t-shirt designs sold on the internet. However my real passion is music and always has been.

There is something for everyone on Atlantic Surf Radio. With 60 years of music to choose from, every track is carefully chosen and scheduled to create the best programming and shows for you.

So if you are like me and love the coast, all things retro, cool music and the heat of the sun, please spend some time listening to Atlantic Surf Radio which in my humble opinion is indeed now the coolest radio station in Cornwall and indeed the UK, your ears will thank you for it. Surf’s up!


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Owner & Creative Director