Magnus Shaw


New Wave

No More Heroes

On NO MORE HEROES, it’s all about the music, two hours of new wave, indie, alt.rock, vintage classics, and many other good things. Magnus Shaw is your host. Features include: Twin Peaks (not the TV show), Sound System Selection, and the Midget Gem (not a sweet).

Magnus Shaw is a broadcaster, writer and creative consultant from Derbyshire in the UK.

He is married with three children and six grandchildren.

Magnus has worked on many radio stations, in various advertising agencies, has won several awards and was editor of the legendary Rocking Vicar e-magazine and podcast.

His passions are travel, media, politics and, perhaps above all, music.

Magnus’ musical tastes are eclectic, but he favours The Clash, Manic Street Preachers, David Bowie and Pet Shop Boys.

Magnus presents his weekly No More Heroes show on the station each Tuesday 1p.m. – 3.p.m.


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