James Ross


The Greatest Hits of Music

Every Saturday from 1pm-3pm  tune into Atlantic Surf Radio to hear “The Greatest Hits of Music”. 

James Ross presents “The Greatest Hits of Music” every week, with a focus on the biggest and best songs from the past few decades. There will be great songs that you remember… and some that you may have already forgotten!

James Ross

James has been broadcasting since he was a teenager and has multi-tasked as a DJ, producer, TV presenter, journalist, reporter, as well as distribution manager – at numerous TV and radio and stations in the UK, and globally. James has also been lucky enough to work closely, during his time at the BBC, with celebrities as diverse as the Rolling Stones, the Pet Shop Boys, Jeremy Clarkson, and Simon Bates, to name just a few.

James has been described as having radio and TV “in his blood” and is a perfect addition to the Atlantic Surf Radio team with The Greatest Hits of Music.

Each week James plays both the greatest and the latest songs, including a clutch from both the current UK and US Top 40, as well as occasional surprising chart-toppers from elsewhere around the world.

The Greatest Hits of Music 

It’s not about just one particular era. In fact “The Greatest Hits of Music” plays the biggest and best hits from the sixties right up to today’s hits. You’ll hear everything from Buddy Holly, Maroon 5, and Adele through to Bruce Springsteen, Ed Sheeran, and Hall & Oates – all of them on “The Greatest Hits of Music”.

James not only brings you awesome music but you can expect the occasional musical quiz, the latest entertainment news and information, and news of some of the latest movies out there or online. For more you can visit the show’s website: www.greatesthitsofmusic.com.



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