Brian Woolfson



Woolfy’s Retro Charts

Launched in 2018, Woolfy's Retro Charts is a weekly radio show for music lovers. The aim is to offer music fans in the UK and around the world the chance to reminisce and rediscover great music from the British charts of the last 45 years. For many of us growing up in the 80s and 90s, the chart countdown on a Sunday evening was an unmissable appointment. Wherever you were, […]

Retro Charts is hosted weekly by Brian Woolfson from studios in Glasgow, Scotland. Woolfy has been presenting shows on local radio since 2000 – including on the award-winning regional station Real Radio, Clyde 1 in the west of Scotland, and most recently Nation Radio and Central FM. As a self confessed “chartographer’, Woolfy has developed many years of knowledge of the workings of music charts, in particular the UK Top 40. Now he’d like to share that knowledge on your radio station every week!

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