Retro Ray Atlantic Cruise

‘Retro Ray’ Dimmock


Hi, I’m Ray,

I was born in 1952, and spent my early years growing up in North London. After several house moves, I finally found myself in Ruislip, aged 10.

At the age of 12 I discovered ‘Pirate Radio’, it was like a second calling. I wanted to be like those DJs, playing and saying what I wanted. Music played a big part in my life from then on. In 1969 I did my first ‘mobile disco’ My equipment was mostly homemade and centred around a pair of mismatched Garrard turntables from scrapped radiograms. Although not very successful, the music went down well and I managed to fill some Saturday evenings and Youth Club events all whilst keeping several day jobs.

In 1973 I saw the film ‘American Graffiti’ and decided that was the path to follow. Hot Rod and Surf music mixed with hits of the era, what’s not to like.

In 1992 I moved to Bournemouth and the disco really took off, plenty of weddings, hotels and clubs. In the late 90’s my radio career started on Hospital Radio, I worked in the record library and was allowed to present supervised shows.

In 2008 the family emigrated to the Greek Island of Zakynthos. I was offered a 2 hour Saturday afternoon slot on the English speaking radio station ‘Island FM’ the ‘Cruising with Retro Ray’ show really took off. After a short time I took over the 12 – 2 daily sponsored lunchtime show and never looked back.

I presented ‘The Island Cruise’  for 7 – 8 years, I also sent pre-recorded shows to ‘Scot Pod Radio’ in Glasgow, from my home set-up. In 2018 we re-located to South Wales.

I feel very privileged to bring the ‘Cruise’ to Atlantic Surf Radio it’s like coming home.
Join me Saturday evenings from 6pm, I look forward to your company.

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